• “Crisis Management”
  • “Aviation security”
  • “Bank security and avoiding hostage situation”
  • “Hostage negotiations”
  • “Close protection”

IntelSecGroup will provide on-site training to staff for security and high risk situations, both personal and for asset protection.

All training is current and specific to the different business branches, security procedures and policies, and takes into consideration accreditation standards and requirements as applicable.

IntelSecGroup, can provide security training classes or seminars, and arrange speakers who are top experts in their fields. Our principal consultants, lecturers and trainers have been active in the training of police officers, security professionals’ employees, management, civic groups, service organizations and others.

Most of our experts have been training others since 2003 and they have been recognized as the best in training other professionals and have proven knowledge and experience in one, three and five days training courses and seminars.

At IntelSecGroup, once we receive an assignment, we immediately start the process of gathering information needed for that training program. We do so by gathering policies and past training from our clients. We will also determine what the client’s goal is, and what they are trying to prepare or plan for.

We do not believe in the training practice of using standardized templates, because every business or group has different needs and expectations.

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