Business Intelligence

Business and Market Risk Analysis

We provide client-specific research and reports that assess the political and security risks associated with a particular business venture and we recommend ways of mitigating those risks. We focus on mapping the competitive landscape, identifying and reviewing potential partners or competitors, assessing political, social, economic and operational risks, as well as the influence of criminal elements or unethical practices to discover potential links between legal and illegal elements.

  • Who are the key figures?
  • What is their official mandate?
  • What do they really care about?
  • Do they have undeclared special interests that could affect their decisions?
  • Are they susceptible to bribes from your competitors?
  • And how far can you rely on your business partners to behave ethically.

Once the real picture and eventual risks are identified, we will work with the client to develop operational procedures to manage them.

Reputational Due Diligence

Organizing and doing due diligence, IntelSecGroup provide clients with the risk-related information they need to make decisions about the companies and people with whom they do business.

Reviewing a wide range of media sources, state regulatory and court databases and gathering wide-range reliable information our findings will lead to confirmation about professional registrations and ownership, regulatory exposure and involvement in legal proceedings.

The experts team is able to provide more insight when is needed about a subject’s corporate affiliations, or where perspectives on a subject’s character, political connections and business practices are involved.

Pre-employment screening and background checks

Pre-employment screening refers to potential employees and is (commonly) used to verify the accuracy of an applicant’s claims as well as to discover any possible criminal history and specific data for the employer and the position applied for.

Background checks might refer to new applicants or current employees, applying for other positions on trust.

Background check is the process of gathering reliable information about the potential candidate/ person related to identity and address verification, employment references, gaps in employment history, character reference check, credit history, criminal history.

Competitor profiling and analysis

Providing valuable/reliable information about current and potential competitors IntelSecGroup can help by a process of rival profiling to find out their strengths, weakness and vulnerabilities especially when related to unfair advantages, such as political patronage and support, unclear or even criminal subsidies, kickbacks, bribes or even fraud and other corrupt practices.

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