Security and Protection

  • Analyzing the Past
  • Evaluating the Present
  • Planning for the Future

IntelSecGroup is dedicated to security consultancy to reduce any exposure to different threats and protect companies and individuals by assisting them in identifying weaknesses in their existing security programme and by recommending improvements and enhancements to their security and crisis management plans.

IntelSecGroup’s approach to achieve effective security plans and vital protection is to work on the integration between all aspects of contemporary security policy including information and data protection, threat, risk and vulnerability assessment, planning and crisis management.

In addition to the consultancy services IntelSecGroup provides recommendations and mediation for companies and experts specialized in:

  • Security engineering and design
  • Site security and guarding
  • IT security
  • Criminal psychology, Profiling and Polygraph examinations
  • Surveillance
  • Close protection

IntelSecGroup offers to its clients advice to prevent, plan for, and respond appropriately to the many security risks and threats they face as kidnapping, barricade situations, racketeering, extortion and other criminal acts related to hostage taking. Creating a unique response team IntelSecGroup’s experts could provide advice to clients regarding communications with involved parties; liaison with law enforcement, if appropriate; negotiation strategy; and the likely progression of events for these stressful matters.

Our purpose is to work with clients to build trust and provide quality services that promote professionalism, ensures fiscal responsibility, reduces the risk of crime, reduces the fear of crime, and promotes safety.

IntelsecGroup conducts a threat assessment to determine if the victim’s family or other corporate employees are threatened and, if so, arranges for appropriate security.

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